Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mike Fox - Photojournalist

Mike Fox - Photojournalist
Heard his podcast (search Itunes), then checked his homepage, and read the blog - good stuff! Looks like Michael has two blogs and this one may be updated more regularly Lexar Blog.
*Note to self - go back and read Mike's notes on Lexar Blog.


Blogger Mike Fox said...

Hey Steve<

Good stuff going on here. Congrats on your evolution away from the corporate cube - been there, thrown away the t-shirts...

Yes,the Lexar blog is the most regularly updated. I'm trying to keep the two in synch but time is a luxury.

Here's a few suggestions for other photojournalists for your "admire" list -

Antonin Kratochvil
Ken Light
Josef Koudelka
James Nachtwey
Don McCulling
David Leeson
Steve McCurry

And for a terrific PJ community, check out

All the best!


3:21 PM  

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